CCHS coach to help kids in need

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Josey Shannon used to dream of being a Major League Baseball player, and then he wanted to be a famous coach.

Part of the reason was that Shannon wanted to be able to help children in need, something the Chilton County High School baseball coach is finding a way to do right here in Clanton through “Coach Shannon’s Kids,” a program that will raise money to provide essential items, such as clothes and hygiene products.

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to be put in a situation where I could help kids,” said Shannon, who teaches at Clanton Intermediate School, where the program will be implemented.

Shannon said the idea came from seeing needy children at CIS, and the work began as he traveled around the county over the summer asking for donations for a new hitting facility at Jack Hayes Field, where CCHS plays its baseball games. While visiting about the baseball team’s needs, Shannon would hand his host a flier about Coach Shannon’s Kids.

“I absolutely cannot stand to see a kid that comes to school with old jeans on and old shoes, and they’re too big, they’ve been passed down from big brother—and they’re just embarrassed about what they’re wearing,” Shannon said. “Some kids don’t get anything at Christmas. If I can help them have one Christmas present, then that would make me feel better.”

Shannon has spoken to the Clanton Lions Club and the Clanton Evening Lions Club about the project, and he’s working with several staff members at CIS to develop a committee, made up of representatives from each grade, that would determine which students need the organization’s help.

Shannon said a long-term goal for the program is to be able to offer a $500 scholarship for students that excel academically but graduate without means to further their education.

Those interested in helping with Coach Shannon’s Kids should e-mail Shannon at or, or call CIS at 280-2790.