Unique piece of mail

Published 9:25 am Monday, September 13, 2010

I sort through a good bit of mail every day, between all the photos submitted to the newspaper and my fair share of junk mail.

I love it when people submit their pictures, whether it’s from a wedding, business grand opening, school program, vacation or other event in the community.

Despite email and new technology, we also still get many of our letters to the editor through the mail.

But a couple of weeks ago, the paper received something that was new to me — artwork.
Paul from Jemison sent me a short letter asking nicely if I can put his pictures in the newspaper so people can see them.

I don’t know anything about Paul; I assume by his handwriting, on paper torn out of a notebook, he’s probably about middle school age — but then again I don’t have perfect penmanship either.

We generally don’t print artwork in the paper, but since Paul asked so nicely, I felt obliged to share his artwork with our readers.

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, paint or something like that, but I think that’s a skill I won’t ever master.

But Paul, I hope you continue to improve and work on your natural talent and art remains an important part of your life.

–Averette is the managing editor for The Clanton Advertiser.