Jemison Police charge two in connection with purse snatching

Published 9:36 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two women charged with theft by Jemison Police are also suspects in at least 14 additional felony cases in four counties.

Oletha Dansley, 46, of Mobile was arrested on Aug. 16 by Demopolis Police. Dansley and Latonya Anderson, 40, of Birmingham allegedly stole purses from business owners.

In a scheme that was repeated at various locations, Anderson and Dansley reportedly entered a Jemison business on July 23. One of the suspects distracted the business owner while the other suspect took the owner’s purse.

“These two suspects were very good at what they were doing,” Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer said. “There are others that use this same distraction and theft technique who mainly target small businesses. I want to…make all business owners aware of this type crime and hopefully prevent others from becoming a victim.”

The business owner discovered her purse missing and reported the theft to Jemison Police. The victim’s credit card was used at various locations in Clanton, Millbrook, Montgomery and Prattville, and purchases totaled $2,900.

Jemison Deputy Chief and Investigator Marc McMinn, with the help of Clanton Police investigators, was able to identify the suspects and file charges.

After Anderson has faced charges in Demopolis, she would be extradited on Jemison’s felony theft of property charges.

Anderson and Dansley also face at least 12 felony “fraudulent use of a credit card” charges that span four counties.

“We have submitted our information across the entire state of Alabama and have been contacted by additional agencies,” Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer said. “We expect that other cases across the state will be solved as well.”