Jemison hosts police training course

Published 12:08 pm Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jemison’s new Municipal Complex is benefitting the city’s police force — and other local officers.

The first half of a statement analysis training course was held in the Complex auditorium earlier this month, and the second session is scheduled for Sept. 23.

“There is a technique you can use in analyzing those statements to tell if they are being truthful or deceptive,” Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer said. “You can use this on victim statements as well.”

All law enforcement officers in Alabama are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education courses per year. The course at Jemison, which was taught by instructors from Auburn University at Montgomery, will cover 16 hours worth of material.

“My philosophy is if you don’t get the training and have the tools to do the job, you can’t do the job as successfully as you need to,” Fulmer said.

Fifty-seven officers from local and state agencies attended the training.

“This class went very well, and I believe these officers, after receiving this type training, will be very prepared and able to do their job much more efficiently,” Fulmer said and also thanked Deputy Chief Marc McMinn for scheduling the training.

Fulmer also said he is pleased Jemison was able to host such a course.

Fulmer’s officers normally would have to travel to receive training, so hosting it saves the city money. The course also serves as an opportunity for out-of-towners to see Jemison.

“We now have our own facilities that will accommodate large groups of people, and we are excited about being able to offer these training classes,” Fulmer said.