Grand jury gives report

Published 11:25 am Thursday, August 5, 2010

The grand jury reported to Judge Ben A. Fuller they heard 257 cases and returned 160 true bills in circuit court here last Friday.

The jury thanked and praised law enforcement officers who presented cases for their courage, commitment to a demanding job and bravery in the line of duty. They were all knowledgeable and very well prepared, the jury said.

The jury toured the Chilton County Jail and found the staff to be professional and hardworking. The facility is in functioning order. They also had the opportunity to observe the Chilton County courthouse and found the structure to be in disrepair. They would like to point out that the women’s restroom on the bottom floor, although very clean, is in need on renovation.

The jury commended the Courthouse custodian, Michelle Wilson, for the excellent work she does keeping the building clean, especially considering the condition it is in. They note that the judicial space is inadequate for all the court’s business. They also recommend that the Chilton County Commission add much needed court, office, parking and storage space. The jury requests that the Commission also consider the construction of a new Judicial Complex.

The jury reviewed the audit reports done by the Examiner of Public Accounts on the Office of Tax Assessor, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the Office of Tax Collector, the Office of Sheriff, the Office of Judge of Probate, the Mental Health Board of Chilton and Shelby Counties, Inc., the Office of Circuit and District Courts and the Soil and Water Conservation Committee and Agriculture and Conservation Development Commission. They found no indictable offenses.