Stay cool, hydrated

Published 6:05 pm Friday, July 23, 2010

My, it’s hot outside, isn’t it?

The National Weather Service in Alabama has issued a heat advisory for the state this weekend, predicting temperatures to reach 100F degrees area wide.

NWS Meteorologist Jim Westland said the Calera office advisory is for all counties it serves, including Chilton County, so be extra mindful before you spend extended periods of time outside.

The advisory will remain in effect until 7 p.m. on Saturday, but don’t expect things to cool too far down in 24 hours. We haven’t even hit August. It’ll be hot for a while.

Westland said residents can expect temperatures in the upper-90s and some that could reach 100F degrees in surrounding areas with the heat index value hitting 105-110 on Saturday, though it should decrease from there.

Alabamians know heat. We’re built for it, to some extent. But do not for one second think you can defeat it without proper cooling and hydration. Even with your air-conditioner blasting through every room of your house, you’ll probably still manage to sweat.

Have a bottle or glass of cold water near you at all times. Stay inside all weekend if possible. Most of all, keep your children out of this heat. If they nag about drinking too much water, tell them to deal with it.

Keep close watch on your elderly family and friends to make sure they have proper air-conditioning and shade. Do not leave anyone or anything of value in a hot car for any period of time. Cars become homemade saunas and ovens in this heat.

Treat your dogs and cats with some quality time inside the house, even if they’re typically outside animals or they’ve misbehaved.

This may be the Deep South, and we might brag about our abilities to withstand the stickiest heat in the United States. But don’t get cocky. Sometimes Alabama’s just too hot to trot.