Sheriff candidates brace for runoff

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, July 8, 2010

After all the hard work leading up to this point, the two men competing to be the Republican candidate for Chilton County Sheriff are glad the runoff is almost here.

Then, the winner will only have about four more months of campaigning until the General Election.

The July 13 runoff will decide whether incumbent Kevin Davis or challenger John Shearon will represent the Republican Party in the November election.

“I’m glad that the runoff is here,” Davis said. “Me and my family and my constituents have worked hard the past six weeks (since the Primary Election).

“I hope all the hard work, not only over the last six weeks but over the last four years, I hope it pays off.”

Shearon said he’s had to work hard, too, especially because challengers usually don’t have as much name recognition as incumbents. Shearon has made a point of visiting as many residences in the county as possible.

“I’m having to get my name out there, where everybody else’s is already out there,” Shearon said. “I think we’ve overcome a lot of that already.”

Davis said he thinks the runoff will come down to whether residents are pleased with his performance the past four years.

“I really feel like the Sheriff’s Department is moving in the right direction,” Davis said. “I hope that resonates over to the voters.”

Both candidates urged residents to vote on July 13. Runoffs usually see a lower turnout than primary or general elections.

“Please get out and vote, regardless (of who the vote is for),” Shearon said. “It’s a right that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”