Show ’em your peachy side

Published 6:00 am Friday, June 25, 2010

As another Peach Festival unfolds, Chilton County residents are graced with another chance to show the rest of the state, region and country what this community is all about.

People come from all over to enjoy not just the delicious local flavor of the peaches but welcoming nature of the residents. By representing the area with a happy and hospitable attitude, you give people a substantial reason to look forward to Peach Fest every year.

Granted, the peach auction, pageants, Peach Jam Jubilee and parade and other traditions raise eyebrows on their own, but they wouldn’t exist without those who put so much thoughtful planning and execution into each and every one.

Consider those who will travel through Chilton County on their way to and from the Gulf of Mexico this week. They may begin their trip both hopeful and pessimistic about the experience they could have once they hit their favorite nearby beach. When they secured their vacation time from works so many months back, they didn’t foresee the tragic result of the BP oil spill.

Thankfully, so many travelers stop off here to markets and peach stands to indulge in the produce, ice cream and other goodies we have to offer. If their beach trip isn’t what they hoped it might have been, let their visit to Clanton help them forget it.

Peach farmers insist this is one of the best crops of peaches ever in these parts. Follow that trend, and help make the 63rd festival the best it’s ever been.