Ivey visits voters at Helen’s Place

Published 12:44 pm Friday, June 25, 2010

Alabama State Treasurer and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Kay Ivey stopped in at Helen’s Place in Clanton at noon Friday to enjoy a Southern meal and greet her supporters.

Fans and air conditioning blasted through the room as Ivey and her guests engaged in spirited conversation over their hot meals. Pot roast, fried fish, baked beans, boiled cabbage and peach cobbler were all on the menu.

In attendance were Rep. Cam Ward and Republican candidate for Chilton County superintendent Tommy Glasscock, among others.

After lunch, campaign employee Terri Connell thanked everyone for coming to the restaurant to meet Ivey and handed the floor over to the guest of honor.

Ivey reassured voters that she would put an end to the “corrupt political culture” she sees in areas of Alabama politics.

“The monkey business and funny stuff has got to stop,” Ivey said.

She thanked the people for helping to elect her as state treasurer twice and told them she knows how to manage a gavel on the state level. She briefly reminded them that there are “huge issues” facing the voters, including healthcare concerns.

Ward endorsed Ivey.

“Kay has the experience to bring a firm fairness to the state,” said Ward, who is currently running unopposed for State Senate. “We’re lucky to have her on our ticket. I’m looking forward to our teamwork.”

Ivey will stay in Chilton County to participate in tomorrow’s auction and parade.

“This isn’t my first Peach Parade,” she said. “And I’m proud to come back for another one.”

Ivey will ride in the third car in the parade, which begins at 9 a.m.