Exciting week comes to a close

Published 6:20 pm Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, another Peach Fest has almost come and gone.

The festivities will end today (Saturday) with the annual Peach Parade and Peach Auction. The Peach Barbecue will also be served around lunchtime at the pavilion at City Park.

I’ve always liked parades – granted late June isn’t a great time to have anything outside other than a pool party, but I look forward to Saturday’s march through Clanton.

Like Santa at the Christmas parade, I guess the new Peach Queen’s float will be the most anticipated part of the parade.

Please be careful, though, and watch the kids. They are sometimes are little more excited about grabbing candy than watching the traffic.

The Peach Auction will follow the parade. It will be held at City Park.

As delicious as they are, it’s hard to imagine paying up to a couple of grand for a basket of peaches – until you consider where the money is going.

The Peach Auction is vital to the Clanton Lions Club and the charitable work it does throughout the year. The Lions primary mission is to help people with their eye care, but the organization provides grants and other funds to many worthwhile groups throughout the county.

On Tuesday, we will print our annual Peach Fest wrap-up edition, which will recap all the activities from the past two weeks and include many unpublished photos and more articles.

Thousands of Peach Fest photos can also be found online at spotted.clantonadvertiser.com.