UA’s Green becoming fixture at JHS camp

Published 10:29 pm Monday, June 14, 2010

The Jemison volleyball team might feel honored to have the coach of the University of Alabama team run its summer camp, but the players might not know that the feeling is mutual.

UA coach Judy Green last week instructed Jemison players for the fourth consecutive year.

Green has committed to Jemison coach Leighsa Robinson that Green will continue to conduct the camp as long as possible.

“This one kind of kicks off their camp season,” Robinson said, “and she said it’s hard to find other groups that are willing to work like these are, that don’t complain.”

Another reason for Green’s presence—and the players and assistant coaches that also help—might be the baskets of peaches donated by Culp Fruits each year.

Regardless, Robinson and her players agree the team is better off because of Green’s willingness to help.

“They get the one-on-one that you don’t get from a Division I coach when you go to a team camp,” Robinson said. “They work very hard because they want to make that impression on her—they have so much respect for her.”

Thirty-two Jemison players—varsity, junior varsity and middle school—participated in the camp.

One participant was Kasi Wells, a rising senior setter. Like Robinson, Wells said having Green in town benefits Jemison volleyball.

“We learn a lot,” Wells said. “She makes it fun, but she makes you learn it.”