Tim James wants Chilton County recount

Published 5:02 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tim James wants a recount, but it’s going to cost him.

Chilton County is one of the 40 Alabama counties from which James, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, plans to request a recount from the June 1 primary.

Probate Judge Bobby Martin estimated the recount would cost at least $2,500 in Chilton County.

After provisional ballots had been counted, James was 167 votes short of Robert Bentley for the right to a runoff with the party’s top vote getter, Bradley Byrne.

County Republican Party Chairwoman Ann Glasscock said the James camp notified her Tuesday that a recount will be requested. One of Glasscock’s tasks will be to report back to the campaign the cost of a recount here.

“We will have to get with Bobby Martin, and I know one of the things was we have to an exact amount,” Glasscock said.

The recount will be conducted beginning at 8 a.m. on June 16 in the grand jury room at the courthouse, Martin said. Approximate costs of the process include: $1,225 for data packs for the ballot machines, $100 each for eight poll workers, $200 for three machines to be transported and set up, $200 for someone to operate the vote tabulation machine and $150 for lunch, unless the recount is completed before lunchtime.

There will be almost 8,000 Republican ballots to be recounted.

2,827 county voters cast their ballot for James in the primary, while 1,978 voted for Bentley.

Brett Hall, spokesman for the James campaign, said the 40 counties with the highest voter turnout in the primary were selected for recounts. These counties include 95 percent of primary voters, he said.

“It was just based on the numbers,” Hall said. “There was no other criteria.”

Hall said $200,000 has been budgeted out of campaign funds for the recounts.