Smith’s first race goes smoothly at CAMS

Published 8:24 pm Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Buzz division put on a big show for the packed Central Alabama Motor Speedway on May 22.

Starting in the pole position was Toby Pace, No. 00 from Grady. Pace held off seemingly every car behind him from trying to take over the first-place position.

The newest driver was Kyle Smith of Clanton, driving the No. 13 car from Clanton. Smith is 13 years old and has never driven a racecar.

Smith’s father said Kyle did not have any tires and wheels for his car but borrowed some from his grandmother’s car, which was on blocks in her front yard.

Smith’s grandmother said they would have to have her tires back on her car for Sunday morning or she would be driving a racecar to church.

Despite it being his first race, Smith did not damage any of his grandmother’s tires or wheels.

When the checkered flag came out, Pace took home the first-place winnings; second place was Jimmy Massey, No. 10 of Alabaster; and third was Terry Merrit, No. 5 of Slapout.

Racing action returns to CAMS on Saturday with all the regular divisions. There will be a double purse for all divisions with 10 or more cars participating and double points for all divisions.

The Little Speeders will take the track during intermission. There are two age groups for the Little Speeders, 4- to 8-years-old and 9- to 12-years-old. The top three in each age group will receive a trophy and money. Every child will receive a pennant to take home.

Gates open at 5 p.m. For the latest information about upcoming events and admissions, visit or call the race hotline at: (205) 351-1044.

May 22 results

Barber Motorsports Crate Late Model/Sportsman

1) Mike Fields, No. 0, Calera; 2) Aaron Smith, No. 41, Clanton; 3) Lee Mason, No. 72m, Wetumpkia; 4) Ronnie Revis, No. 72, Wilsonville; 5) Billy Franklin, No. 17, Alabaster; 6) Sam Hughes, No. 35, Pelham; (DNS) J.R. Cobb, No. 12, Tallassee; (DNS) Virgil Taylor, No. 44, Clanton.

Buddha’s Screen Printing Thunder Cars

1) Justin Massey, No. 72, Tuscaloosa; (DNS) William Smith, No. 92, Sandy Ridge; (DNS) Johnny Dawson, No. 42, Clanton; (DNS) Keith Joiner, No. 111, Pratville.

L&L Forklift Hobby Cars

1) J.R. Brown, No. 12, Calera; 2) Bob Sapp, No. 18, Montevallo; 3) CR, No. 64, Valley Grande; 4) Jake Wilson, No. 44, Clanton; 5) Tim McDonald, No. 00 Selma; 6) Shain Miller, No. 21, Montevallo; 7) Jody Crews, No. 68, Centerville; 8) Daniel Lutz, No. 1, Montevallo; (DNS) Josh Hayfield, No. 15, Luverne; (DNS) Sandy Dawson, No. 88, Montevallo.

Chico’s Detail Shop Street Stocks

1) Chris Howell, No. 1, Columbiana; 2) Jerry Lewis, No. 7k, Troy; 3) Mark Price, No. 2, Clanton; 4) Greg Wilkins, No. 01, Maplesville; 5) Derrick Price, No. 42, Clanton; 6) Mike Garris, No. 03, Maplesville; (DQ) Van Howell, Jr. , No. 13, Columbiana.

Hutch Construction Super Ponies

1) Bo Minor, No. 1, Tuscaloosa; 2) Don Moncrief, No. 88, Alabaster; 3) Eddie Woods, No. 17, Calera; 4) Mike Minor, No. 2, Tuscaloosa; 5) Curt Oaks, No. 14, Maylene; 6) William Moore, No. 15, Shelby; 7) Mike Rominger, No. 7m, Brierfield; 8) Benny Pickett, No. 4, Montevallo; (DNS) Eddie Pickett, No. 44, Montevallo.

Eagles Auto Sales Buzz Car/Pure Ponies

1) Toby Pace, No. 00, Grady; 2) Jimmy Massey, No. 10, Alabaster; 3) Terry Merritt, No. 5, Slapout; 4) Charles Bright, No. 97, Centerville; 5) Ray Perry, No. 7, Centerville; 6) Patrick Wallace, No. 34, Trusville; 7) Lisa Woods, No. 17, Calera; 8) Spud Brasher, No. 18, Calera; 9) Barbara Pickett, No. 29, Centerville; 10) Jordan Wilkins, No. 6, Maplesville; 11) Kyle Smith, No. 13, Clanton; 12) Jeremy Forsythe, No. 02, Odenville; 13) Terry Partridge, No. 07, Shelby.


1) Ronald Bishop, No. 8, Pelham; 2) Al “Big Al” Barrett, No. 63, Jemison.