Maplesville PD beefing up security

Published 7:39 pm Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walking or riding down any city street and seeing either an officer on foot or in his cruiser sends a warm feeling down anyone’s spine.

Knowing a town is aware of any crime that occurs and has chosen to do something about it is mighty reassuring.

The Maplesville town council passed a resolution last week to allow the MPD to hire its only part-time officer on as a full-time employee. Police Chief Todd Ingram said the officer was already working 12-hour shifts. The full-time status will make the officer eligible for benefits. The department will now have two officers on duty at all times.

Recent crimes in Maplesville—including the Friend’s Diner fire and burglary, the police department break-in and attempted Maplesville High School break-in—certainly call for this increase in security.

You might say adding only one body, who was already working full-time hours, seems like a small addition. But any addition at all boosts the safety of another town in Chilton County.

The Clanton Advertiser staff is pleased to see the town of Maplesville taking initiative in putting a stop to the recent and sudden burst of reckless criminal behavior in an otherwise peaceful community. Heightened awareness and ideas to purchase surveillance equipment suggest town officials and employees’ eyes are wide open.

Mayor Kurt Wallace is confident Ingram and his officers are making the strides that will soon close the current investigations. Wallace and the police department should be commended for taking the necessary steps to preserve the rightful tranquility to Maplesville.