Drive carefully to avoid wrecks on local roads

Published 8:53 pm Friday, May 7, 2010

With all the dangerous roads and intersections in Chilton County, it’s good news any time we can make one safer.

The speed limit through the intersection of Temple Road and Thrash Road has been lowered from 45 miles per hour to 35, and Clanton city workers painted warning messages on the road leading up to the intersection.

Also, Police Chief Brian Stilwell said his officers have been on the lookout for speeders in the area for a while now. Here’s guessing they’ll have the opportunity to hand out a few more tickets with the decreased speed limit.

The changes were decided on after a wreck at the intersection on April 30 that resulted in a totaled vehicle. Stilwell said his department has worked seven wrecks with injuries at the site since the beginning of the year.

We’re glad officials are taking steps to solve the problem of this dangerous intersection. However, the only way we eliminate wrecks there completely is if people start driving more cautiously.

Slow down. Pay attention to road signs. And don’t assume the other driver is going to make the right decision.

This intersection is close to several schools, so any wreck there has the possibility of involving a child. Our officials are trying to make the roadways safer; we must try, too.