Harescramble season comes to close in Miss.

Published 11:29 am Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunday marked the end of the 2010 SERA Harescramble Championship Season.

Mississippi Hi Point in Ellisville, Miss., never cancels a race because of rain, and this year was no exception. Rain had threatened all weekend but waited until the Kids Race that morning to actually start falling from the sky.

The Beginner Pee Wees started things off before the rain with Jackson Davis claiming the win in the 20-minute race. Davis also claimed second in the Intermediate Kids Class.

The Vet Kids had Landon Barrett running strong to finish second.

The most exciting race of the morning came in the Pee Wee Class with three local guys going for the season championship. Austin Anz and Connor Barrett have each won championships in Beginner Pee Wee in years past, and Ethan Gregg was looking for his first championship of his career. Going into the event, Anz and Barrett were tied with Gregg just one point behind.

Anz grabbed the holeshot followed by Gregg and Barrett. Before going into the first woods section, Barrett’s bike just quit. His pit crew worked frantically to get it going, and as they were working on it, Anz and Gregg were picking up speed.

At the end of the first lap as Anz came through the scoring tent, his bike quit. Barrett got his bike going and starting making up ground on Gregg.

Meanwhile, Anz’s pit crew was working to get him back on the course. Anz got going again and made up a lot of time but could not quite overcome the large deficit.

Oddly enough, Gregg’s bike had acted up before the start of the race, and his repairs were made before the start. Humidity and heat were reported to be the causes of the plugs fouling.

Gregg brought home first place, followed by Jessica Delee, Barrett, and Anz. Hayden Gilbert rounded out the class.

The official championship results have yet to be posted.

The Adult race started about noon with 79 contenders going for the overall for the day.

Cliff Ousley had already wrapped up the season championship so he chose to not compete in the season finale. The severe weather conditions caused several other contenders to stay home as well.

The ones who did show up supplied a good showing of great competition and determination.

Dustin Stevens had a goal of winning the season championship going into this event. All he had to do was beat Jeff Provencher to claim the Lites A crown.

Things looked good from the beginning as Stevens got a good start and was out front. Provencher had a rough day and said he just couldn’t keep his bike on two wheels in the mud.

But lo and behold, something happened that hasn’t happened all season: Kevin DeLoach seemed to find another gear and won the Lites A class for the day, Overall A and fourth Overall.

Stevens was just behind in fifth overall and accomplished his goal of winning the season championship.

Will Gilbert claimed the win in the Senior class and finished 13th overall. Beau Burnett, Blake Terry and Neal Ousley brought home first, second and third, respectively, in the Junior class. Burnett is the champion for the season as well.

Phillip McMillan once again won the Golden Masters Class with ease. Brian Lewis had a great day and won the Lite C class.

Other locals to compete were Adrian Gervais, Rolie Barrett, Avery McCarley, John Huggins, Ted Anz, Michael Castleberry, Scott Robinson, Jacob Davis and Chris Wood.

Tyler Carter crashed on the first lap and ended his day way too soon.