Mail delivery will be solution to delivery problems

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The one thing that frustrates me more than any other part of this business is a subscriber not getting their newspaper.

Typos and errors make me cringe, but they can be corrected. If someone doesn’t get their newspaper, it doesn’t matter if the entire publication was error free, because they never see it.

Missed papers have become too common lately, and The Advertiser has taken a step to solve that problem. In coming days, the newspaper will be delivered along with your mail from the United States Postal Service.

Postal delivery will mean no more missed newspapers. Delivery that is accurate and timely is the job of the men and women at our local post offices, and these professionals are much better suited to make sure your paper arrives at your home or business when it should. Newspapers will be delivered the same day of publication ensuring timely and predictable delivery for our customers.

The conversion should also eliminate some of our subscribers’ other worries like soggy newspapers left in the driveway and papers stacking up while you are on vacation or away from home.

The paper will still be delivered five days a week, at the same low cost. I’m confident that the change will be a smooth one.

Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns to me or our customer service manager, Catherine Cousins, at 755-5747.

The Clanton Advertiser has continually grown and evolved since its merger with the weekly Central Alabama Independent Advertiser in 1975. A lot has changed since then — we print more days of the week and have gone into the digital age with our Web site, — but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to telling the stories that matter to Clanton and Chilton County.

Making this change to a fundamental part of our operation solves a recurring problem and will allow us to focus more on telling those stories that matter most.

We’re glad that you allow us to come into your home each day and look forward to continuing to serve readers like you.