Child Abuse Awareness highlights imporant cause

Published 10:42 pm Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Child abuse is a difficult problem to solve. Aside from the obvious toll abuse takes on children, efforts to investigate a case often require the child think back and relive some embarrassing and painful episodes.

Thankfully, the process today is much improved over what has been used in the past. And there’s no better time to point out that improvement than Child Abuse Awareness Month.

An organization that has made a significant impact locally is Child Protect, an advocacy center whose primary concern is the well being of children involved in abuse cases.

Child Protect’s services include providing a place for a forensic interview. Instead of asking a child the same questions multiple times, these interviews are conducted by specially trained interviewers in a setting that is comfortable for the child.

Representatives from other agencies included in the multidisciplinary response team—including DHR, law enforcement, prosecution, doctors and counselors—can witness the interview from a separate room or receive a copy of the videotape of the interview.

We’re thankful to have a group like Child Protect around, but other local groups are pitching in during this month that brings to the forefront the concerns about some of the most innocent victims in our society.

Maplesville and Thorsby schools this month are trying to raise $2,000 each to benefit Child Protect, and Thorsby’s SKIP program, which is included in the curriculum for elementary school students, is entering its fifth year of teaching some valuable lessons.

Several local groups have helped us take a step forward in the effort to help the victims of child abuse. We will have taken a leap forward when this cause stays on our minds year-round.