Scaling back never hurt anyone

Published 9:48 pm Friday, April 23, 2010

It pleases us to see Chilton County was well represented during the terrific 10-week Scale Back Alabama initiative.

While participants can earn eligibility to receive statewide cash prizes, the ultimate benefit of this program is to improve health and overall quality of life.

To learn that nearly all Chilton County residents who participated reached their goal of losing at least 10 pounds is comforting to anyone who struggles with weight loss.

As obesity continues to permeate the United States and Alabama in particular, programs like Scale Back Alabama grow increasingly important not only to spread awareness to potential participants but also to young people.

Encouraging children early and often to eat healthy foods and engage in physical fitness is and should continue to be a top priority for parents and educators throughout the state. The idea isn’t to pressure kids into losing weight at such young ages, unless, of course, their health depends on it. The psychological ramifications could take their toll.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle couldn’t hurt, though, and starting early sends a significant message.

Whether you ditch fast foods, hit the weight room or simply take a daily walk, the road to healthier living is one anybody can travel, and we encourage you do take part.

Why not get your dog in on the action, too? He or she would love nothing more than a brisk walk in this beautiful weather, and the animal wouldn’t be the only beneficiary.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, order one burger instead of two (if you must order a burger, that is) and simply eat until you’re satisfied, not because there’s still food on the plate.

The program focuses on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and low-carbohydrate foods, and exercising for at least 30 minutes per day.

Teams whose members all lost at least 10 pounds are eligible to win $1,000, $500 or $250 per team member. Individuals who lost 10 pounds are eligible for one of 50 $50 prizes.

If your office opts to participate in Scale Back Alabama next year, join a team and grab a chance to split up to $1,000 between teammates.

You might think, “If making money was a part of it, I would have started a long time ago!”