Column: New facility exciting for all

Published 7:50 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

By Stephen Dawkins

Workers at Jemison City Hall are busy this week boxing up and moving to the new Jemison Municipal Complex.

By the looks of things on Tuesday, it’s going to be a process before the official dedication ceremony on May 2.

There was stuff everywhere and workers hauling out boxes right and left. You don’t occupy a building for many years without accumulating some stuff.

That’s the good part about a move, I guess: it’s a chance to decide what is worth keeping and what can be done away with. The other good part about this move is the new facility the city employees have waiting on them.

The Jemison Municipal Complex will be a first-rate facility, one that will provide everything the city needs now and well into the future. Though I haven’t invested nearly as much time and effort into the project, I am also anxious about the opening of the complex. As—what’s the word?—cozy as the current city hall is, I look forward to covering Jemison City Council meetings in a brand new council chambers.

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed gave me a tour of the building last week, and, trust me, there will be plenty of leg space for councilmembers, residents and journalists alike in the city’s new digs.