It’s not too late to be counted

Published 10:08 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chilton County and Alabama’s participation in the census is up compared to the last one.

At this point in 2000, 61 percent of county residents and 66 percent of Alabamians had mailed back the forms. Those numbers are up to 66 percent here and 67 percent statewide.

People who haven’t completed the forms should expect a visit from census workers in coming weeks.

The worker will ask the questions that appear on the form. The questions cover areas like name, sex, age, date of birth, race, household relationship, and whether you own or rent your home.

Only a minor inconvenience, it’s vital to participate in the census.

The information gathered is used to distribute more than $300 billion annually in federal funds, and Chilton County deserves (and needs) every sent we are due. The data is also used to draw congressional districts.

So, if you have your form and haven’t completed it, please send it back.

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