Thorsby takes lead in protecting kids

Published 9:55 pm Friday, April 16, 2010

We can probably all agree that educating children is one of the most important functions society serves. Protecting children is also a necessary part of that task.

So, we must recognize the effort Thorsby is putting into protecting some of the most vulnerable among us through its Safeguarding Kids Is Priority program, which is in its fifth year of existence.

The program teaches elementary students about the danger of sexual predators and other threats using the principles taught in the research-based literature series “Think First and Stay Safe,” distributed by Child Lures Prevention, a national sexual abuse, addiction, Internet crime, drugs and school violence prevention program.

SKIP began in 2006 and is part of Thorsby’s health curriculum for grades K-5. A variety of subjects are covered, and an emphasis is placed on sexual predators.

To supplement the curriculum, local law enforcement agencies will host Safety Day on May 13. Also, throughout the month of April, Thorsby and Maplesville schools are partnering to raise $2,000 to benefit Child Protect Children’s Advocacy Center.

Perhaps even more important than math or English is teaching children that sexual abuse is wrong and teaching them how to avoid it and report it.

We’re glad to see Thorsby take the lead on such an important issue and hope other county schools will follow suit.