Peachy welcome for this journalist

Published 9:54 pm Friday, April 16, 2010

Upon his or her arrival in a new community, a journalist never knows what type of reception he or she will receive from its citizens.

Of course, that might depend on the performance of said journalist. Barring the cub doesn’t totally blow it and wreck the newspaper’s credibility altogether, the warm reception does wonders.

Since I was hired at The Clanton Advertiser, my time in Chilton County has allowed me to feel happy and secure about serving a community that cares about its news. My first day on board saw me dialing up Clanton mayor Billy Joe Driver, who cordially offered his help as a spirited and reliable source for newbies and vets alike.

The county’s willingness to contribute thoughts, comments and other valuable insights encourages and reassures us about the job we can do and transcend in this area. Your cooperation and collaboration drives our efforts to give the community its public voice and provide the coverage you want and need.

It’s important to immerse one’s self into any community if he intends to cover it, and I’m happy to have been given that opportunity in Chilton County. Be it city council meetings, political campaigns, board of education sessions, local film actors, longstanding restaurant staples, church trash pick-ups or spelling bees, I’m pleased to meet anybody I come across.

Truth be told, I never scoff at taking an assignment to cover a high school baseball or softball game on days as perfect as we’ve seen this past week. Sitting behind home plate in the warm sun has afforded me the pleasure of meeting parents and players that give the community such a hospitable reputation.

Friendly dialogues on issues and concerns with the community are the lifeblood of what we do here, and I’m game for them at any time.

To those I’ve met so far, I thank you for your kindness and readiness to help me in my pursuit to provide proper area coverage. I hope we can continue what we’ve started.

If we must do so at a ball park, then so be it.