Take proactive approach to comments

Published 10:09 pm Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have noticed recently that there are instances when The Clanton Advertiser has removed several online comments on certain stories or disabled them completely.

I believe that most people are civil and courteous when commenting, but there are those that have nothing else to do but try to find something wrong with what someone else said or bash The Clanton Advertiser.

I have a suggestion. On certain “hot” issues, when there is a good chance that someone may get upset or have a very strong opinion about a certain story that could rub others the wrong way, just disable comments when the story is published.

Issues concerning the school system, certain political topics or other sensitive subject matter may best be served by just eliminating comments from the beginning.

This way, the facts will be made available to everyone that reads the stories, but the sometimes crude comments will be left unsaid.

–Roger Mims, Clanton