MPD to council: ‘We’re being aggressive’

Published 10:42 pm Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maplesville Police Department officers updated town council members Tuesday on their investigations into a recent crime wave in the community, including break-ins at their own office and Maplesville High School.

Officer Corry McCartney said the department would remain on the offensive in pursuit of the criminals responsible in order to protect the town.

“We’re being aggressive,” he said.

Wallace shared McCartney’s sentiments and urged police chief Todd Ingram and his officers to do what is necessary to apprehend the criminals they believe to be responsible for the break-ins as well as the Friend’s Diner fire.

“There’s simply no peace in this town until we catch these people,” Wallace said. “As long as they’re not in jail, they’ll keep causing problems.”

In response to the recent crimes, the council passed a resolution to install up to five surveillance cameras in the downtown area. Tom Wolff, of Wolf Pack LLC Computer Repair and Accessories, will install the high-resolution equipment that he said could see long distances clearly.

Wolff said the installation would cost $2,000. Based on the results of the five-camera system, he and the council will work towards possibly installing a 10-camera system to cover more ground. The new cameras will be placed at the entrances and exits of buildings downtown.

“I think this is money well-spent because of the mess we’ve got going on right now,” Ingram said.

Ingram also sought approval from the council to allow Wesley Rager, who recently returned from military service in Kuwait, to join the police department full time. The council passed the resolution.

The council also passed a resolution to make Henry’s Garage and Wrecker service the primary wrecker service for the town. The service will be offered 24 hours a day for seven days a week.

The Maplesville Volunteer Fire Department announced it would conduct fire hydrant testing as soon as early next week. Members of the department said this will lead to some discoloration in the town’s water, but that is normal and temporary.

The council passed a resolution open a savings account with funds received from the Fire and Rescue billing consultants.

The council also passed a resolution to hire professional probation services to assist town courts. Wallace said the services offer similar assistance to collection agencies.

The council passed a resolution to establish a clemency program to allow residents to make payments on warrants.