Jemison Library moving to Municipal Complex

Published 7:32 pm Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Jemison Library is turning the page.

The library has been closed since December as the facility is moved from its current location, next to Dr. Jay Patel’s office, to its future home, at the still-under-construction Jemison Municipal Complex.

“It’s so nice over there that I’ll be so busy I won’t know what to do,” librarian Jeannette Brasher said.

Brasher has already been busy. She said she closed the library in December 2009 to begin taking inventory of the 5,000-6,000 books the library claims.

Much of January and February were spent boxing up the books, and now workers are moving the boxes to their new home.

Jemison Library will reopen to the public as soon as a dedication, ribbon cutting and open house is held for the Municipal Complex, which Mayor Eddie Reed estimated would be within a month.

Library patrons might be most excited to hear that the new facility will feature four public access computers. Before its closing, the library had two computers and “only one reliable one,” Brasher said.

“I could have 50 computers, and they would stay busy,” she said.

The library has been at its current location several years and before that was housed at Jemison City Hall.

“There’s more to move now than there was before,” Brasher said. “I’m excited about being there–but not about moving.”