County softball tournament to include pool play

Published 8:19 pm Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Chilton County softball tournament this season will feature a new format if—get ready for it—it doesn’t rain.

Two weeks after the county baseball tournament was postponed for the second season in a row, the ladies will be the ones watching the weather.

At press time, forecasts called for a 50 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms Thursday afternoon.

The tournament is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. Thursday on two fields at Thorsby’s Sam Bentley Field.

The event would feature three days of competition instead of two, as in the past. A pool play portion would be added.

“We did this to give everybody more games,” said Leighsa Robinson, coach of tournament host Jemison. “It’s nothing for [softball teams] to play three games in one day. When you set two or three days apart for a tournament, you want to play as many games as you can.”

Six county teams have been divided into two pools (Maplesville, Isabella and Jemison in Pool A and Verbena, Chilton County and Thorsby in Pool B). Each team would play the other two teams in its pool on Thursday to determine seeding for a single elimination, bracket-style tournament on Friday and Saturday at Jemison.

Games would begin at 5 p.m. on Friday and at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

But rain could wreck the plans. If Thursday’s games were to be called off, one of two options will be chosen by the coaches of participating teams.

The first option would be to skip pool play, draw for seeding, and play the bracket part of the tournament as scheduled.

The second option would be to play a double elimination tournament on Friday and Saturday. Games would have to start at 3 p.m. Friday and last until at least 9 p.m. On Saturday, games could run from 9 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. or later.

County tournament at a glance

Chilton County Tigers

Coach: Krisi Parrish, fourth season

Roster (with jersey number and year in school):

3-Macee Thomas-Sr.

8-Rachel Johnston-Jr.

9-Amanda Whorf-Jr.

11-Lindsey Parrish-So.

00-Brianna Cleckler-So.

31-Kadie Coker-So.

4-April Lewis-So.

35-Mary Katherine Graham-So.

40-Lauren Stewart-So.

28-Linlee Karn-So.

34-Tiffany Crowson-Fr.

5-Holly Watts-8th

7-Brooke Lewis-8th

2-Kricket Caton-7th

Isabella Mustangs

Coach: Mike Ratliff, 20th season


6-Raelynn Liveoak-Sr.

23-Dezaray Lodge-Sr.

21-Kaylynn Culp-Jr.

10-Sarah Wooldridge-Jr.

22-Kristin Adams-So.

8-Ann Marie Murray-So.

11-Mary Mims-So.

1-Kinslee Mims-Fr.

13-Heather Posey-Fr.

20-Katelyn Stough-Fr.

9-Shelby Armstrong-Fr.

2-Taylor Chandler-Fr.

3-Amber Flanagan-8th

19-Melony Smith-8th

4-Jasmine Terrell-8th

Maplesville Red Devils

Coach: Ashlie Harrison, sixth season


4-Natalie Arnold-So.

3-Keisha Bailey-Fr.

13-Lindy Barrett-Jr.

1-Brooke Bell-So.

14-Dana Boothe-Jr.

21-Heather Chambers-Sr.

18-Miranda Chandler-8th

16-Bayne Edwards-Sr.

9-Katlyn Freeman-Sr.

7-Jordyn Graf-7th

10-Courtney Killingsworth-Jr.

11-Morgan Little-So.

22-Kortisha Morrow-So.

19-Autumn Smith-Fr.

22-Latisha Walls-So.

Jemison Panthers

Coach: Leighsa Robinson, fourth season


00-Samantha Glass-Sr.

2-Tanya Liveoak-So.

4-Morgan Lucas-8th

8-Hannah Smith-Fr.

9-Shelby Lopez-So.

10-Tiffany Guin-So.

11-Tabatha Cork-Sr.

12-Dallis Vanderslice-Sr.

14-Brandi Baker-Sr.

15-Shelby Griffin-Fr.

22-Amber Simmons-Sr.

25-Jennifer Scott-Fr.

30-Codi Mims-Sr.

31-Jennifer Paschal-7th

32-Katie Hayes-Fr.

34-Megan Hall-8th

38-Rebecca Anderson-So.

72-Denten Ellison-8th

Thorsby Rebels

Coach: Nicole Hilyer, second season


12-Ashlin Hilyer-Sr.

5-Lindsay Pease-Sr.

11-Heather Day-Sr.

9-Katie Barnett-Jr.

8-Halie McKinnon-Jr.

24-Nicole Barrett-Jr.

14-Sharonda Cooper-So.

10-Emily Farris-So.

16-Chelsea Moon-Jr.

0-Tiffany Morgan-Sr.

28-Brianna Veazey-So.

44-Josie Adams-8th

3-Haley Barnett-Fr.

19-Savannah Bice-8th

4-Christian Niece-8th

33-Kelly Nord-Fr.

6-Kaley Perdue-7th

7-Devin Padgett-7th

2-Taylor Madison-Fr.

1-Ashlyn Chancellor-7th

22-Katie Adkins-8th

15-Destiny Davis-8th

18-Keela Lucas-8th

Verbena Red Devils

Coach: Jennifer Ingram, second season


1-Lacey Short-Fr.

2-Jessica Ingram-8th

3-Mattie Cleckler-So.

4-Ashlie Shiers-Jr.

5-Haley Thornton-Sr.

7-Sjohna Pierce-Jr.

8-Chanin Hancock-8th

10-Krista Rodriguez-So.

13-Tori Applegate-Sr.

14-Brandy Driver-Sr.

17-Haley Kelley-Jr.

20-Allyson Brown-So.

44-Marqueska Deramus-So.