Signs not slowing speeders on County Road 410

Published 10:30 pm Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear editor,

Due to the high volume of dangerous traffic on County Road 410, I contacted the Chilton County Commissioners and requested a “handicap area slow” (sign) to be placed near my home. I wish to thank the commissioners for their positive action in installing these signs.

Unfortunately, it has not deterred anyone from speeding even when I am visible when I am getting my mail, morning papers or just visiting my neighbors. I do stay on the berm and do not enter the roadway when I see or hear traffic approaching. People do not even slow down to the posted 30-mph speed limit. It seems the biggest offenders are businesses and city and county employees…or it could be the owners and supervisors! This so-called shortcut between County Road 37 and State Road 22 saves only 1/10 of a mile. It would seem to me that it is not worth the effort, or gas, to slow down and possibly stop twice instead of just driving down County Road 37 directly to State Road 22.

It would be nice if all supervisors of local businesses, city workers and county workers would counsel their employees about obeying the posted speed limits and being careful in handicap zones.

Thank you.

—Don Frazier

Clanton, Ala.