Pickett, Moncrief battle for Super Ponys win

Published 10:52 pm Monday, March 22, 2010

Two great days of weather over the weekend had drivers and fans converging at Central Alabama Motor Speedway off Highway 22, just outside of Clanton.

Every racing division had a competitive number of drivers.

The Super Ponys put on a thrilling show for the fans during their feature event. Prior to the race, all Super Pony drivers competed in two different heat races.

Michael Moncrief, No. 88, of Alabaster won the first heat race of the Super Ponys to lock himself in for the pole position of the feature event. Benny Pickett, No. 4, of Montevallo was the winner of the second heat race; this would lock him in the position of front row outside for the feature.

The track flagman, Jarrett Hutchison of Jemison, informed the drivers during the meeting that the start of the race and restarts would be directly in front of the flag stand instead of coming out of turn four.

Drivers made one parade lap before the green flag was in the air. Pickett immediately took control of the first-place position. Moncrief would almost pass Pickett in the back and front stretches throughout the entire event.

After the 12-lap feature event, the checkered flag came out, and Pickett would take home the first place winnings, Moncrief second place and Curt Oaks, No.14 of Jemison with third place.

The next event will be March 27 with all divisions. The Little Speeders will be there with their bicycles. There will be two age groups competing for trophies. There is no fee for the Little Speeders to compete.

To find the latest information on upcoming events and admissions, visit www.camspeedway.com or call the race hotline at: (205) 351-1044.

The Web site also has the latest 2010 feature winners photos and winners from the March 20 Prettiest Race Car Contest along with the most up to date CAMS race information.

March 20 results

Barber Motorsports Crate Late Model/Sportsman

1) Billy Franklin, No. 17abaster; 2) Jimmy Thagard, No. 24, Greenville; 3) Mike Fields, No. 0, Calera; 4) Randy Adams, No. 777, Greenville; 5) J.R. Cobb, No. 12, Tallassee; 6) Lee Mason, No. 34, Wetumpkia; 7) Dewayne Morris, No. 8, River Falls; 8) Sam Hughes, No. 35, Pelham; 9) Aaron Smith, No. 41, Clanton.

Buddha’s Screen Printing Thunder Cars

1) Josh Bean, No. 8, Maplesville; 2) Scott Swanson, No. 89, Valley Grand; 3) Johnny Dawson, No. 42, Montevallo; 4) David Dark, No. 23, Dadeville; 5) J.R. Steel, No. 49, Centerville.

L&L Forklift Hobby Cars

1) Sandy Dawson, No. 88, Montevallo; 2) J.R. Brown, No. 12, Calera; 3) Derrick Price, No. 97, Clanton; 4) Dewayne Littleton, No. 15, Maplesville; 5) Daniel Lutz, No. 1, Montevallo; 6) Brandon Wells, No. 55, Columbiana; 7) CR, No. 64, Valley Grand; 8) Brad Underwood, No. 7, Thorsby; 9) Brian Scurlock, No. Selma; (DQ) Wade Carlee, No. 48, McCalla.

Chico’s Detail Shop Street Stocks

1) Greg Wilkins, No. 01, Clanton; 2) Chris Howell, No. 1, Columbiana; 3) Van Howell, Jr., No. 13, Columbiana; 4) Mike Garris, No. 8, Clanton.

Super Ponys

1) Benny Pickett, No. 4, Montevallo; 2) Michael Moncrief, No. 88abaster; 3) Curt Oaks, No. 14, Jemison; 4) Wesley Booth, No. 87, Montevallo; 5) Eddie Woods, No. 17, Calera; 6) Todd Riddle, No. 38, Maylene; (DNS) Eddie Pickett, No. 44, Montevallo; (DNS) Brian Hurst, No. 46, Calera.

Eagles Auto Sales Buzz Car/Pure Ponys

1) Terry Merritt, No. 5, Deatsville; 2) Lisa Woods, No. 18, Calera; 3) Ray Perry, No. 7, Centerville; 4) Patrick Wallace, No. 13, Birmingham; 5) Jake Brasfield, No. 187, Jackson, TN.