Late taxes about the same

Published 9:46 pm Thursday, March 18, 2010

The struggling national economy may affect Chilton County residents in a number of ways, but property tax collection doesn’t seem to be one of them.

The amount collected lags some behind last year’s total—and the delinquent amount is somewhat more—but there are still six weeks left until the county’s tax collector office holds a tax sale.

“It’s really, really close,” said Stefani Lee with the tax collector’s office. “I think a lot of people expect it to be more, but my experience is that it’s about the same every year.”

Lee is in her sixth tax season in Chilton County.

So far, the county has collected $13,242,822.89 as of Thursday afternoon, compared to $13,872,669.90 last year.

Tax is listed as delinquent on 560 parcels, totaling $211,161. Last year, no tax was collected on 521 parcels, totaling $176,858.06.

The tax collector’s office is required to run a list of delinquent taxes in the newspaper three consecutive weeks. The first list is included in Friday’s print edition on Pages 7-10.

After the notices, the county holds a tax sale.