Thorsby revenues slightly down this year

Published 1:52 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

By Scott Mims

Thorsby is on pace to meet its annual budget despite decreases in revenue, Mayor Dearl Hilyer reported Monday night.
The town’s departmental budgets total about $1.6 million for the current fiscal year. Sales tax revenues are about $3,000 lower per month than anticipated, but Hilyer expects revenues to pick up during the summer.
Unless things take a turn for the worse, Hilyer said the town may get to purchase a new dump truck.
“That opportunity may present itself if we keep doing what we’re doing,” he said.
The budget numbers are based on figures from the month of January.
In other business, the Thorsby Town Council approved the purchase of $1,200 in athletic equipment.
The council must vote on all park and recreation issues due to the lack of a board.
The council also approved paying $150 to participate in a promotional video highlighting Chilton County and its municipalities. The amount matches that contributed by Maplesville.
Phillip Wigley of Thorsby First Baptist Church asked the council to look into placing new stop signs at the intersection between the church and the former senior center.
The facility was recently acquired by the church.
“People tend to fly through that area. We’ve seen people doing donuts in the parking lot of the old school,” he said.
The council agreed to look into the issue.
Also, Hilyer noted that 34 homes are in violation of Thorsby’s junk ordinance. He said letters would be mailed to each property owner as a warning to get their property in compliance.