Another reason to visit Minooka

Published 10:14 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Minooka Park continues to become more of an asset to Chilton County and an attraction to out-of-towners that would consider visiting here.

The latest news about the park is that it received a $5,000 reimbursable grant from CAWACO Resource Conservation and Development and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

The grant helped improve water quality in the park’s lake through a fertilization program that aids fish production and growth. What it means for Minooka visitors is that the fish in the lake—which include bream, bluegill, largemouth bass and grass carp—are no longer solely catch and release.

The new creel limits are five bass and 25 bream or bluegill per fisherman. I enjoy fishing for sport just as much as the next guy, but I’m sure there are many county residents that want the opportunity to fish for supper.

Though the park’s main attraction is its trails for ATVs and dirt bikes, Minooka now has something for hikers, horseback riders, picnickers, campers, those just looking for a leisurely stroll, and all types of fishermen—even beginners.

The grant also helped pay for several rod and reel combos that may be checked out by park visitors and a worm bed near the lake. A potential fisherman can show up at the park with nothing but patience and find inside everything he or she needs to take home a stringer of fish.

You may not even need patience. When I was at Minooka last spring, many large bass could be seen patrolling the shoreline.

If park and county officials keep this up, pretty soon no one will have a reason not to go to Minooka.