An idea to help humane society

Published 9:42 pm Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Editor,

Reading the comments on the articles regarding animal control and the underfunding of the Humane Society, I recognize that many county residents want to do a part.

Therefore, I challenge each concerned county resident to take a gallon milk jug and collect pennies to fill it.

Involve your children. Take one to church and urge fellow worshippers to contribute or start one of their own. Take it wherever you go and ask for pennies.

A gallon of pennies is approximately $55. Imagine the great work that could be accomplished if each concerned household and church in the county turned in only one gallon each!

Ask your hairdresser, convenience store, video store, grocer, veterinarian, fast food manager, to collect and fill a jug.

My jug is on the counter, and my granddaughter is already looking under the couch cushions.

This project may not fit your life, but do not hesitate to be creative with ideas, and let’s all become a part of a solution.

–Karen Armstrong, Clanton