Moore breaks Troy stolen base record

Published 7:25 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Verbena graduate Kala Moore owns the Troy softball record for most career stolen bases, and it might be a while before someone challenges the new record.

Moore’s swipe of second base in the top of the fifth inning at Central Florida on Feb. 20 gave her 90 career stolen bases, breaking the record of 89 set by Tara Michel in 2000.

“I really didn’t think about it during the game, and then I saw it online when we got back to the hotel,” Moore said.

The stolen base was also important because Moore wound up being the game-winning run as teammate Belinda White singled Moore home.

The Trojans won that game 1-0 and have a 6-3 record so far without having played a home game. Their home opener will be March 2 when Middle Tennessee visits.

Moore has one stolen base since becoming the school’s new standard bearer, and she has at least 42 games left this season to make sure her record stands for a long time to come.