Church news for Feb. 24

Published 10:07 pm Monday, February 22, 2010

Christ Independent Methodist Church
Last Sunday was special on two counts: it was Valentine’s Day and Transfiguration Sunday. Dr. Mac Stinson combined references to both days in his sermon entitled, “Godly Glow” based on scripture from Exodus 34:29-35.
The universal theme of Valentine’s Day is love. The greatest example we can give is the love God has for us and for the world.
Please continue to pray for Dr. Mac Stinson and Glenda, Dr. Mac Stinson III, Gail Owen, Marie Williams, Mae Hunnicutt, Horace and Mary Ann Carden, Randal Miller, Nancy Rogers and all others who need God’s healing touch.
Pray fervently for the following families who have lost loved ones: Marvin Hancock’s wife, Barbara, passed Feb. 11; the family of Ralph Varden, to be buried Feb. 15; the family of Tommy Shelton, who died in a plane crash; the family of Melvin Crowe, who died Feb. 11; the family of Herman Glass, whose wife, Dee, passed Feb. 12.
We were happy to have our greeter, Mable Mitchell, back on the job Sunday. She is always missed.
Join us Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. for a small group Bible study.
Have a blessed week.

Rocky Mount United Methodist Church
This was Communion Sunday at Rocky Mount.  Bro. Willard asked if we actually knew why we take Communion. What is your answer to this question?   Because everyone else in my pew did so I went also. Because it’s what my mother and daddy always did.  The real answer should be to give an outward symbol of our remembrance that Christ’s sacrifice was for us.  His sacrifice was to bring us back into communion with God.  No wealth, no powerful family, not even our own righteousness — nothing makes us worthy of His sacrifice — only the all powerful grace of God can bring us back into communion.  So we take Communion to remind us and others that Christ came and that He will Come Again.
Join us Sunday, Feb. 21 in a praise and worship service at 5 p.m. led by a Christian rock group Joel’s Prophecy out of Gardendale. Come hear their testimony and lift your hands and hearts in worship.  Fellowship, desserts and coffee will follow.