Editorial: County’s road issue hard on everyone

Published 8:34 pm Monday, February 15, 2010

By the North Chilton Advertiser staff

For those in attendance at last Monday’s meeting of the Chilton County Commission, it was obvious what issue is most important to county residents.
About 30 people attended the meeting, and most of those addressed the commission about road problems.
This has been a point of contention long before now, but the situation is worse because of the recent rainy weather. Dirt roads have become mud roads, and paved roads have washed away.
The problem with trying to correct the problem is that there are too many roads in bad shape and not enough manpower.
“As long as we are having this rain the way we are, there is very little we can do other than hopefully keep these roads passable,” Commission Chairman Tim Mims said at the meeting.
County Engineer Tony Wearren told the audience that highway department crews are working seven days a week, weather permitting (which isn’t often lately). Mims pointed to the fact the county includes about 500 miles of dirt roads.
We understand people’s frustration, and we also understand the commission’s predicament. If there existed an army of road workers and related equipment available to work all day, every day, and the commission had a bottomless purse from which to draw out money for roads, then they would surely be in better shape.
Unfortunately, neither of those conditions exists.
So, the commission will continue to make do with what it does have, and we must continue to make do with what we have: roads that are below our expectations.
That’s not to say we should stop demanding more from the commission. It’s just that this issue isn’t easy no matter which side of it you’re on.