Driving habits send wrong message

Published 9:49 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Over the past couple of months, I have had a reason to be on the roadway almost daily at or near the time many of our citizens of this county are on their daily commute to work, and I began to notice things as I drove back and forth.

The first thing I noticed was that I seemed to be in most everyone’s way, but then I would look down and I would be traveling at or near the legal posted speed limit, even on occasion a couple of miles over the speed limit.

I then began to notice things about the individual vehicles—bumper stickers and other adornments, and even tags—and it began to amaze me at the number of “God Bless America” tags I saw on a daily basis.

Then it occurred to me that the only reason that I saw them was because they were passing me. I wondered what their God would say as they motored along showing little to no regard to what their actions were saying about their belief in this God.

Would it have a positive or negative reaction with one whom had no belief in this God? Would it cause another to feel better about Alabama and America as this same individual abused the laws of the land?

There are many others like this example displayed on our daily commutes, so maybe we need to think before we display them. Are we doing them justice, or are we hindering the message we are attemping to convey?

Most of us are so distracted as we go about our daily errands that we do not notice these little signs, nor do we think about our role model, nor our peer pressure, and the effect that it may very well have on another, nor do we think that if there is in fact a God, and there is in fact a judgement day, and we have have had a negative influence on another, and caused him or her to lose their life, then we may very well have to answer for that very action.

Just a little something for each of us to think about as we go about our daily routine!

– Johnny Thacker, Jemison