Jemison Council passes City Hall loan

Published 12:35 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

By Ben Flanagan

Jemison City Council took time Monday night to thank the city’s police and fire departments for the hard work they do every day.
“We just can’t thank you enough,” Mayor Eddie Reed said.
The council passed a resolution to repay Regions Bank a loan of $495,000 that paid for the construction of the city’s new city hall building.
While thanking Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer, Reed said they were fortunate that nothing had been stolen during the construction.
He said earlier this week there was a theft outside of the new city hall.
A man stole a cement mixer but was apprehended by police officers approximately five minutes after he committed the crime, Reed said.
Fulmer expressed his gratitude toward the council and other city officials who attended the  meeting.
“We’re glad to be a part of it,” he said. “I feel blessed to be here.”
The council also passed a resolution to purchase playground equipment to be built and placed in a local park.
The council passed a resolution to purchase flood insurance for areas in the city subject to flooding or mudslides.
Reed said the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommended the insurance, and the resolution was passed to become eligible for it.
The council also passed an amendment to an ordinance regarding setting fees and rates for alcohol sales in Jemison.
Another amendment was passed on an ordinance to adjust the present rate of business license fees to include alcohol sales.
Chief Fulmer said the Alabama Beverage Company says those who wish to apply for an alcohol sales license can do so now.
The final resolution the council passed was to give Chilton Leadership $500 for a two-part project involving revising the 10-year-old county video advertising the municipalities and attractions in the area.
Rex Bittle appeared on behalf of the organization and said the current video is only available on VHS but will soon be adjusted with new video and photos and available to store and distribute on DVD, flash drives, SD cards and the organization’s Web site.
The council also approved producing a new advertisement for Minooka Park.