Reader: Tax not the answer to road problems

Published 10:51 pm Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Editor,

I would like for anyone having anything to do with the dirt roads in Chilton County to please travel just south of Walmart, turn right onto County Road 7.

Travel about five and a half miles to County Road 372, and turn right.

Enjoy this two-mile dirt road.

I have no idea about how to fix a dirt road and I’m not getting paid for the job. Somebody is getting paid for doing next to nothing; I could do just about as good of a job! Time after time we report it and time after time it is never fixed!

My husband has fixed the road with his tractor many times after it has washed because of the trenches dug by the road worker. We do not need any more taxes on anything.

If the county cannot hire someone who knows what they are doing to our dirt roads, then why should we trust any more of our tax dollars to the same people?

Crystal Cofer