Commission talks roads

Published 9:17 pm Tuesday, January 12, 2010

By Ben Flanagan

The Chilton County Commission held its first meeting of the New Year Monday morning, when it passed resolutions to improve conditions for the county road department.
County engineer Tony Wearren said his shop on Airport Road was broken into on Dec. 30 when burglars took cash and broke into a vending machine. The commission passed a resolution to purchase a security system for the shop. Wearren also said he needed to make repairs on a wooden door and frame damaged by a crowbar, which the commission also passed.
Wearren also introduced a resolution requesting bids to construct a building equipment shed located at his shop that would protect valuable equipment including electronics. The building  would be 50 feet by 150 feet. Last year, the shed was not in Wearren’s budget, so the commission did not pass the resolution. Now that Wearren worked it into his 2010 plan, the resolution was passed.
The county road department’s final resolution was to install a computer server at the office. Wearren said it was a budgeted item that would ensure protection of his offices files, which are not currently backed up. If someone broke into the office and stole the computers, all of the department’s files would disappear with the equipment without any way of saving it.
Commissioner Allen Caton addressed county roads in Northern Chilton County that needed future attention due to some flooding. Wearren said a woman brought the issue to a previous meeting, so he and Caton went to see the extent of damage heavy rainfall had done.
Wearren said the road was too flat and that water would not flow to the side of the road.
He said they would build the road up in the future but that he could not until the ground dries.
Another citizen addressed litter concerns on county road 417, where he said the warning sign was too small. The commission said it would look further into the matter.
A resolution was passed to give the county jail money to purchase a fingerprinting machine that would use live-scanning and palm-scanning.
Red Turnipseed thanked those in the courthouse who helped turn the building into a warming station over the weekend for those who needed shelter from the freezing conditions.
The commission also suggested passing a resolution to commend recently retired Clanton Advertiser publisher Mike Kelley for his outstanding service to the community.
One final resolution that passed involved a formal congratulations to the University of Alabama and head coach Nick Saban for winning the BCS National Championship last Thursday. Caton, an Auburn fan, abstained from the vote.
“If Auburn ever wins a championship, I’ll vote for it,” commission chairmen Tim Mims said.
“I was going to vote for it until you said that,” Caton joked.