Thorsby to revamp park lighting

Published 9:11 pm Monday, January 11, 2010

Thorsby’s Town Council is getting quotes for a lighting upgrade at Richard Wood Park. The initial cost and installation of the lights would be funded by proceeds from past Thorsby Swedish Festivals.

The plan is to purchase more decorative poles with brighter lights so that less fixtures would be needed, Mayor Dearl Hilyer said.

There are currently about 20 light fixtures in the park, which are crafted from PVC pipe.

The town also wants to make sure wiring is safe and up-to-code.

“We’re going for a more decorative type look,” Hilyer said.

Options include either purchasing new lights or renting them from Alabama Power Company.

Renting could cost from $15 to $30 per light per month, while doing the project alone could cost between $16,000 and $20,000, Hilyer estimated.

If the town chooses to rent, Alabama Power would likely handle the installation.

Once the council obtains the desired number of quotes, it will report back to the Swedish Festival Committee, which coordinates how the Swedish Festival funds are used.

“Part of the drive of that festival is to put money back into the town, especially the park,” Hilyer said.

The new lighting is next in a series of projects to improve the appearance of Richard Wood Park, which sits in the town center along U.S. 31. The pavilion was restored recently.