Cold, but not temps forecasted earlier

Published 4:49 pm Friday, January 8, 2010

Though certainly not balmy, overnight lows this weekend are forecasted to be warmer than originally thought.

The National Weather Service forecast has Saturday’s morning low at 13 F; earlier forecasts had that number being in the single digits.

Thursday’s snowfall event never materialized due to warmer air temperatures than expected.

Sunday will be warmer with a high above freezing at 33 F.

The first part of next week will feel almost like an early spring, given this week’s temperatures, with highs near 50.

Until then, Chilton County does remain under a hard freeze warning into Saturday morning.

People are encouraged to take the normal steps to protect people, pets and property. The Weather Service reminds people to be particularly careful with portable heaters and make sure space heaters are not left unattended or used near flammable materials.