Frigid temps, possible snow on way

Published 11:19 am Tuesday, January 5, 2010

By Scott Mims

Cold temperatures, not snow, are the primary weather concern for the coming week, National Weather Service meteorologists said.
While there is a 50- to 60-percent chance of snow Thursday and Thursday night, already low temperatures are expected to dip  lower by the weekend.
“Really, our only shot at this point is going to be Thursday for snow,” NWS meteorologist Jody Aaron reported. “While snow is unique for Alabama this time of year, the cold temperatures are really the main aspect of the next week.”a
A low of 17 was forecasted for Tuesday night. By Wednesday night, an incoming system is expected to bring a cloud cover and a slightly warmer low of 25. Thursday, the low will sink back down to 18.
“We probably will not go back above freezing until sometime Sunday afternoon,” Aaron said.
Between Friday night and Saturday morning, temperatures for Central Alabama may reach as low as 7.
“People need to make sure their pipes are insulated, and be careful with indoor heaters,” Aaron advised.
He said it’s too early to tell what amount of snow might fall on Central Alabama. Normal January precipitation is about 5.45 inches.
For complete forecasts, contact NWS at (205) 664-3010.