The Clanton Advertiser’s 2009 All-Area Football Team

Published 11:42 am Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Clanton Advertiser’s 2009 All-Area Team is made up of 24 players from all six local schools.

Selections were made based on coaches’ nominations, statistics and team success.

An effort was made to present the 24 best players on the first team—-and the next 22 best on the second team-—so positions were adjusted accordingly.

The first team is:

Taylor Hughes, quarterback, Chilton Co., Sr.

J.J. Agee, running back, Chilton Co., Jr.

Kelly Lucas, running back, Verbena, Sr.

Chris Bailey, wide receiver, Maplesville, So.

James Madsen, wide receiver, Maplesville, Jr.

Patrick Sims, tight end, Jemison, Sr.

Casey Atchison, offensive line, Maplesville, Jr.

Hunter Cowart, offensive line, Jemison, Jr.

Blake Lawley, offensive line, Isabella, Sr.

Hunter Mims, offensive line, Isabella, Sr.

Blake Norman, offensive line, Chilton Co., Jr.

Noe Chavez, kicker, Chilton Co., Sr.

Justin Nemec, defensive line, Jemison, Sr.

Jason Ray, defensive line, Verbena, Sr.

Dylan Wallace, defensive line, Maplesville, Jr.

Isa Bentley, linebacker, Jemison, Jr.

Erick Camarillo, linebacker, Thorsby, Jr.

Carlos Caver, linebacker, Billingsley, So.

Cameron Minor, linebacker, Chilton Co., Sr.

Dustin Wilson, linebacker, Thorsby, Jr.

Raphael Brooks, defensive back, Billingsley, Sr.

Bay Lucas, defensive back, Verbena, So.

Javae Swindle, defensive back, Jemison, So.

Hunter McCay, kick returner, Maplesville, Jr.

The second team is:

Matt Hamner, quarterback, Maplesville, Jr.

Kalup Nunn, running back, Thorsby, Jr.

Willie Stacy, running back, Isabella, Sr.

Marcus Bray, wide receiver, Thorsby, Jr.

Cody Greer, wide receiver, Jemison, Sr.

Dillian Simmons, tight end, Thorsby, Sr.

Garrett Dennis, offensive line, Verbena, Jr.

Octavis Harris, offensive line, Billingsley, So.

Cole Langley, offensive line, Thorsby, Sr.

Cody Thompson, offensive line, Isabella, Sr.

Britt Stange, offensive line, Billingsley, Jr.

Blane Fuller, defensive line, Maplesville, Sr.

Austin Haigler, defensive line, Isabella, Jr.

Dariel Maul, defensive line, Chilton Co., Jr.

Darius Smith, defensive line, Jemison, Sr.

Blake Gore, linebacker, Verbena, Sr.

Richard Hilliard, linebacker, Chilton Co., Fr.

Dylan Jackson, linebacker, Chilton Co., Jr.

Anthony Johnson, linebacker, Maplesville, Fr.

Jacob Chapman, defensive back, Jemison, Sr.

Allen Edwards, defensive back, Isabella, Sr.

Brandon White, defensive back, Verbena, Sr.