Community helping coach build IHS baseball

Published 5:57 pm Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Isabella baseball program has a new coach, but that won’t be the only change players and fans will notice this season.

First-year coach Clay Shearer has been the recipient of some help from the Isabella community in developing an indoor practice facility that will benefit the team.

“This community is dedicated to having a good baseball program,” Shearer said. “That’s what they want, and they are committed to doing what it takes to get there.”

Several parents of players spent a combined 100 hours of work, Shearer estimated, installing two new nets and artificial turf in a building behind the softball field.

The facility also includes an indoor pitching mound, three “L” screens and two soft toss stations.

“If I really wanted to, I could have the whole program in here working at the same time,” Shearer said.

In all, the facility includes seven stations for players, and two more could be added before practice begins for the season.

“You can come spend one hour in here, and can have 14 guys get 150 swings,” Shearer said. “That’s pretty valuable.

“This is a blessing. I thank the Lord for putting me at Isabella.”

Less than $2,500 of booster club money was spent on the project, Shearer said.