West End group has right idea

Published 10:16 pm Monday, December 14, 2009

The West End Neighbor Watch group has been around since 1991, but its members have some new ideas about how to make the Clanton community a better place to live as a new decade approaches.

The group wants to acquire new members in 2010 as well as work with city leaders to address dilapidated houses and parking issues.

New blood is important for community groups because it brings enthusiasm and gets the momentum going once again for positive change. If proactive efforts are going to continue for the future, there has to be a way to “pass the torch.” Let’s hope younger members can take hold of this opportunity.

We applaud this group of citizens for uniting and making their voice heard. This is the true definition of community. All too often, people wait for leaders to do something instead of taking it upon themselves to be community leaders.

Hopefully, other communities will follow suit.