Our children deserve our tax money

Published 10:40 pm Monday, December 7, 2009

With Christmas shopping on everyone’s mind, Chilton County leaders again reminded residents to spend their money locally.

It is indeed an important consideration because the county sales tax goes entirely to fund education.

Chilton County Board of Education CFO Steve Yeargan told The Clanton Advertiser that the tax generates nearly $2.8 million each year, but so far this year, revenues are down about $10,000 per month.

That’s money taken right out of our children’s classrooms.

We understand that because of these difficult economic times many people have less money to spend than in Christmases past, but let’s face it: most shopping decisions come down to preference and convenience.

Other areas, such as Alabaster and Prattville, have more of a selection than Chilton County, and local residents are likely to try to buy all their gifts at one stop.

Still, there are things we all are going out of the county to buy that could be found here.

If we give county shops more consideration, we all might be able to spend more money locally. Our children deserve it.