H1N1 should be taken seriously

Published 9:55 pm Monday, November 23, 2009

County health departments are coordinating H1N1 influenza clinics through Alabama public schools to administer vaccines at no cost to students.

The Chilton County Health Department will begin these clinics for K-3 students on Dec. 7.

The vaccines will be administered in a nasal mist form, which requires a spray up each nostril. Because two doses are recommended for children under 10, a second dose will be given about four weeks after the first is administered.

Although the vaccine is free, parental consent is required. But there are health risks involved for children with ongoing medical conditions.

We encourage parents to take H1N1 influenza seriously. Carefully read all the information yourself to decide whether the nasal mist vaccine is right for your child. Those in need of more information should visit www.adph.org or contact the local health department at 755-1287.

The most important thing is making the decision for yourself.