Remember: School comes first even during holidays

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2009

By Louise Pitts

November is a busy holiday month. Students will not attend school on Nov. 11 due to it being Veteran’s Day. Also, Thanksgiving holidays will be observed Nov. 25-27.
With all these vacations from school, we need to remember that students are here for student achievement. As a benchmark of material learned, Progress Reports will be sent home on Nov. 16. Parents need to remember to read with their child each night and practice math facts each night.
Parents can turn learning activities into games for the whole family. Time each other on fluency, how many words can be read in a minute minus the errors. Also, time each other on how many correct addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts each other can get in a minute. Parents can purchase flash cards from the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart and have a family night of fun.
Next week will be a busy week at Jemison Elementary School. On Thursday, Nov. 12, Kindergarten will be sponsoring the Miss JES Pageant, and on Friday, Nov. 13, Santa pictures will be taken. What an exciting week this will be.
Further, students are bringing in cans for the food drive. This is a competition between Auburn and Alabama fans. Boxes are labeled, and students are putting their food items in their favorite school’s box.
As an Auburn University graduate, this is a costly time of year for me because I like to see my team win, while teachers and students who are Alabama fans try to outdo me and the other Auburn fans. Of course, with the spirit of giving and being thankful upon us, this friendly competition benefits those in our county who need food assistance, and JES is glad to contribute to the cause.
When thinking of all we are grateful for this year, remember our dedicated teachers as we remember our wonderful parents and talented students. This is a month for praise and thankfulness. In these trying economic times, our school, as well as many of our school’s families, needs your prayers and thoughts as we all work together as a team to raise and educate positive, productive young people.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for promoting family and friends. Remember Jemison Elementary School also during this festive and grateful time.

– Louise Pitts is the principal at Jemison Elementary School.