Alabama drivers dominate in Mississippi

Published 10:39 pm Monday, November 2, 2009

Mississippi Hi Point hosted the Blazing Saddles Harescramble on Oct. 25 in Ellisville, Miss. with 115 competitors anxious to tackle the 9.2-mile course for five laps.

Several local guys attended the next to last event for the season, and four of the top five overall were from Alabama.

Steve Nicholas from south Alabama claimed the top prize with Frank Davis, Tyler Carter and Dustin Stevens claiming the third, fourth and fifth overall positions.

Ted Anz once again opted to race the event without pitting for gas, but this time, his strategy worked.

This event was somewhat shorter than the one in Billingsley a few weeks back, and Anz came away with the second place prize this time.

John Huggins was only 1 second behind him at the checkered flag, but that is as good as 1 minute. Other locals in the Vet B class were Jason Copeland, who finished fifth, and Jason Brasington, who finished sixth.

Adrian Gervais changed classes for this event, as he has already nailed down the championship in his former class for the year. He would finish fifth in the highly competitive Senior Class.

Jared White had a good day to claim fourth in the Junior Class.

Locals that did not finish were Kevin DeLoach, Beau Burnett and Avery McCarley.

There were only two kids to compete in the morning race from the surrounding area, and Grayson and Jackson Davis each finished second in their classes, Beginner Pee Wee and Intermediate Kids, respectively.

While all of these guys were headed to Mississippi, Cliff Ousley, who has already wrapped up the overall championship for the 2009 Southern Enduro Riders Association season, chose to stay here and race in Southeastern Enduro and Trail Riders Association’s harescramble held at Tree Farm Motorsports in Billingsley. Ousley rode to a very convincing overall victory with several minutes to spare to second overall.